At the start of the seventies a new stream of music was introduced in the Netherland: Soul.
Soul music became the breeding ground for Disco, Dancegrooves, Boogie and Funk.

The Soul music that got noticed in the Netherlands is a representative of the so-called down-beat, i.e. James Brown, Lyn Collins, Commodres….etc.

1972 was also the year that the Soulshow started, which later became one of the longest running radio programs in the Netherlands.
The Soulshow, a Dutch radio program, which found its origin on 'Radio Noordzee International',
was transmitted from sea and presented by DJ Ferry Maat.

Due to the Soulshow, love for this great music developed and can now be rekindled whilst listening to Disco Classics Radio.

Disco Classic Radio the station for the best Disco Classics from the seventies, eighties and nineties!
Enjoy the non-stop full length versions!

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